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Pikes Peak Bee Library

A growing resource on honeybees and beekeeping in the Pikes Peak area

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Bee Library! I am Leigh Gaddy, your local friendly “bee librarian.” I’m here to help people in the Pikes Peak area find the information they need to become beekeepers. I’m also available for speaking events on beekeeping in the greater Colorado Springs area.

In the library you’ll find information on honeybees and beekeeping, whether it’s book recommendations, helpful videos, or suggested websites and articles.

On this site you can also find info on beekeeping resources, such as clubs and supplies, in the Pikes Peak area. This list is ever growing, and I’d be happy to take any recommendations. Just reach out via the contact form on this website.

The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams

Henry David Thoreau

Photo by Anete Lusina on

Can you find the queen in this picture? “Queenspotting” is a point of pride for all beekeepers!

(Hint: the queen has a longer abdomen than the workers.)


Are you thinking about beekeeping?

It’s not as scary as it sounds!

Beekeeping is a highly rewarding experience. Did you know bees are considered livestock? Way easier than keeping horses or cows, bees are a great 4H project for those who don’t have a barn, don’t live in the country, or for those who just want to be a little more involved in their own lives.


A website tailored for bee lovers under America’s Mountain

If you live in the Pikes Peak area and you are thinking about beekeeping or just love bees, then this website was written for you.

Looking for information on classes, supplies, and beekeeping groups in the Pikes Peak area or Colorado?

America’s Mountain: Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado

bee book recommendations

Did you know that one pound of honey is the lifetime work of 768 bees?

Contact Me

Are you looking for a beekeeper to speak at your school, library, or event? Reach out. Do you have recommendations for Pikes Peak area resources you’d like listed on this website? Sure thing. Honeybee or beekeeping questions? Submit the form below.